👋🏼 We are Pippa and Lucy, a badass mother & spawn duo based in the southwest of the UK and together, we founded the Disobedient Business® Co. We work to actively dismantle the business status quo and all the ways of doing business that “The Rules” tell us that we should, in pursuit of our so-called "business success", and we’re here to help you find YOUR version of success too!!

Welcome to doing business disobediently!⁠

Come on into our wonderful world of neuro-spicy brains and business fuckery, where we help you figure this shit out in a way that works for you. We’ll help you find better ways, more People-First ways - to beyourversion of success. And there’s not a blueprint in sight (🤢) !

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This is just the very tip of a wild and glorious iceberg, find out more about The Disobedient Business® Co. and our offers and services over on our main website.