Got questions? We have answers! See some of the most...well, frequently asked ones below!

Can't see the answer you're looking for? Contact us and we'll get you sorted!

💰 Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Owing to the nature of digital products we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on these items and all sales are final. If you do have an issue with a product please do get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to help.

If you have an issue regarding a physical product such as our diaries, notebooks or other merch please contact us as these products are fulfilled by 3rd parties and as such we are governed by their policies on refunds and exchanges.

🫂 How do I access support?

Easy peasy! On purchase you'll be invited to join our community on Heartbeat (similar to Slack, but cooler) where you can send us a message.

Alternatively you can send us an email or submit a support ticket.

🛍️ How do I get my goodies?

After you've checked out, you'll be redirected to a Thank You page where you'll see a button to download your goodies and access any support documents, courses or tutorials to help you get set up!

You'll also get this same link sent to you in an email incase you get a bit over-enthusiastic with the ol' close tab button.

💾 What software do I need for these templates?

Please check the product description for the software or platform required for your particular template!

Don't see a template you're looking for or a platform you'd like to use a template on? Suggest a product you'd like us to develop here.

🤗 How are you today?

Thanks for asking bestie! We're doing great, keeping hydrated, living our best! How are you doing friend?

🎨 Are the templates customisable?

Fuck yes they are!

We endeavour to create templates that strike the balance between helping you with what you need to save oodles of time but that have the flexibility to be adapted for you and your business!

💡 I can't find a template I want/ on a platform I use

We can't promise to create every template for every platform ever buuuuuuuut we want to hook you up with the things that are going to be most supportive for you!

So that being said - we welcome you to submit any ideas for templates, products, platforms that would be most beneficial to you! And if we can, we'll get it done!

🦕 Me and tech do not mix - can I use these templates?

All of our templates are made to be as simple as possible.

Every template will always come with heaps of support via written and/or video tutorials that are short and easy-to-digest.

If you're still getting stuck - no drama lil' llama! You can ask us any questions in our community on Heartbeat (you'll get an invite when you check out!), by sending us an email, or by submitting a support ticket!

🖌️ Will you be adding more products to the shop?

Hellz-to-the-yeah we are!

Behind the scenes we are beavering away creating more templates and short courses and even merch bit too!

To see what we're working on view our roadmap of projects we have lined up. And if there's a tool or template that would make your life a breeze, or something you'd like a disobedient take on, please feel free to submit product requests to us!

🗣️ Can I share these templates or use them for multiple clients?

Whilst we would generally say sharing is caring, in this case the answer is sadly, no.

If you've found the templates super helpful then a) love that for you, b) love that for us, c) feel free to rave about them and let other folks know where they can get this magic (there might even be an affiliate thingy in the works 👀) but ultimately, each template purchased in for use in one biz only.

✨ Can I leave feedback or a review?


When you purchase something from us you should get a lil' email asking if you'd be so kind as to share your thoughts on the goodies you grabbed.