How Our Fun Handmade Socks Are Made

You don't know how to do any of those. You guys aren't Santa! You're not even robots. How dare you lie in front of Jesus? Incidentally, you have a dime up your nose. These old Doomsday Devices are dangerously unstable. I'll rest easier not knowing where they are.

And when we woke up, we had these bodies. Dr. Zoidberg, that doesn't make sense. But, okay! And then the battle's not so bad? Wow! A superpowers drug you can just rub onto your skin? You'd think it would be something you'd have to freebase.

Leela's gonna kill me. It's a T. It goes "tuh". Please, Don-Bot… look into your hard drive, and open your mercy file! Isn't it true that you have been paid for your testimony?

  1. We're also Santa Claus!
  2. Oh, how awful. Did he at least die painlessly? …To shreds, you say. Well, how is his wife holding up? …To shreds, you say.
  3. There, now he's trapped in a book I wrote: a crummy world of plot holes and spelling errors!

I could if you hadn't turned on the light and shut off my stereo. Bender, being God isn't easy. If you do too much, people get dependent on you, and if you do nothing, they lose hope. You have to use a light touch. Like a safecracker, or a pickpocket.

  • And so we say goodbye to our beloved pet, Nibbler, who's gone to a place where I, too, hope one day to go. The toilet.
  • Aww, it's true. I've been hiding it for so long.
  • Alright, let's mafia things up a bit. Joey, burn down the ship. Clamps, burn down the crew.

A sexy mistake. Yeah. Give a little credit to our public schools. Oh Leela! You're the only person I could turn to; you're the only person who ever loved me. Is the Space Pope reptilian!? Oh no! The professor will hit me! But if Zoidberg 'fixes' it… then perhaps gifts!

Ow, my spirit! Yeah. Give a little credit to our public schools. Daylight and everything. Hey, what kinda party is this? There's no booze and only one hooker.

Hey, whatcha watching? But I've never been to the moon! Fry, we have a crate to deliver. And yet you haven't said what I told you to say! How can any of us trust you? Check it out, y'all. Everyone who was invited is here.

Dr. Zoidberg, that doesn't make sense. But, okay! Now Fry, it's been a few years since medical school, so remind me. Disemboweling in your species: fatal or non-fatal? I'm sure those windmills will keep them cool.

Good news, everyone! There's a report on TV with some very bad news! My fellow Earthicans, as I have explained in my book 'Earth in the Balance'', and the much more popular ''Harry Potter and the Balance of Earth', we need to defend our planet against pollution. Also dark wizards.

It must be wonderful. Yep, I remember. They came in last at the Olympics, then retired to promote alcoholic beverages! Also Zoidberg. And I'm his friend Jesus. Michelle, I don't regret this, but I both rue and lament it.

Throw her in the brig. What kind of a father would I be if I said no? A true inspiration for the children. Who are you, my warranty?! I had more, but you go ahead.

Also Zoidberg. Man, I'm sore all over. I feel like I just went ten rounds with mighty Thor. I'm sure those windmills will keep them cool. I can explain. It's very valuable. No, just a regular mistake. Hi, I'm a naughty nurse, and I really need someone to talk to. $9.95 a minute.

This is the worst kind of discrimination: the kind against me! Well, let's just dump it in the sewer and say we delivered it. And when we woke up, we had these bodies. No, just a regular mistake. You won't have time for sleeping, soldier, not with all the bed making you'll be doing.

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