• All TF Sales Emails You Need Toolkit
  • All TF Sales Emails You Need Toolkit
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All TF Sales Emails You Need Toolkit

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Create compelling, non-coercive copy for your sales emails in minutes and not hours (& hours & hours!).

With these FIVE easy-to-use Google Doc templates, you can write the email sales copy for your sale or launch in So Much Less Time than starting with a blank page and So Much Better than Chatty BotBot might be able to!

Imagine being ready to sell that fabulous thing that is burning a hole in your laptop, itching to get out there into the world! The toolkit includes all FIVE of our sales and launch email templates.

So that’s the Short (there's 3 templates in one in here), the Medium and the Long templates.

What that means is you get our Short series of emails that will be amazing for something like a live masterclass or workshop, maybe a quickie flash sale or perhaps the launch of that $9 offer (there's actually 3 sequences in the short template for all 3 of these purposes).

You also get the Medium series that is a little longer in length (quantity of emails and the time you might share them over), which could be great for that short course, that sprint event, maybe even that challenge.

And then you also get the Long series - which as the name suggests is longer, and will be amazing for that 12+ week course, that group programme, that membership launch or maybe even that new mastermind.

What's included?

  •  Five Google Doc templates for you to copy into your own Google Drive and start crafting your awesome sales emails (what you're actually getting here is a bundle of these three sales email templates products: Short Template(s), Medium Template, Long Template)
  • Tried and tested email flows that are easy to tweak and move around if you need to.
  • Sample copy in all emails to help you see how to craft your copy in practice and make things so much easier.
  • Invitation to join our customer only community to get help and be in community with other like minded biz peeps.
  • Access to preferential rates for copy review from Word Witch Siobhan if you want a set of profesh eyes on your copy.

Make your life easier (and cheaper)!

Grab the full toolkit and save over 40% on the price of buying the templates individually (individually they are $89) and pat yourself on the back that you've got all future sales emails covered. All the templates are complete with examples and page flow so you can just drop it into whatever email platform you're using - boom 💥 - you've got yourself live sales emails!

Bonus emails

When you buy the toolkit you get automatic access to any future one-off individual sales emails that we might add in to boost your sales success

What They're Saying

I found welcoming that there was no right or wrong answer to finding the answers but it's about doing the work - contrary to some high profile biz who claim they have the magic formula!

Pina Aleo

Its simplicity was refreshing - it was succinct but juicy. It was like listening to a friend whose advice you'd actually take ;) and someone who'd been there, got it and was compassionate about it. Fucking loved it.

Teresa Mitrovic

I loved how easy these were to install - I genuinely thought there'd be much more work involved, so I loved how easy it was. These were awesome! Going to be so useful for those who struggle with copy or who haven't made a sales page before.

Anna Clark

I'm gonna be real with you - for my neurodivergent brain, I find copy templates EXTREMELY HELPFUL, especially when there are reminders to include emotion words in the copy.

Sarah Martin

I loved that the copy template was organized and color-coded to help you create the wording needed in the order and layout of the sales page template. This takes the guesswork out of how to lay out the sales page content because it's already there and ready for you!

Kayla Weiner

What a time saver! With these templates you can whip up a gorgeous page in less than an hour! The templates are clear, easy, and uncomplicated -- everything I'm looking for!

Erin McCarthy